A 33 year old male visited for complaints of hearing voices and feeling of people doing things to harm him. He wanted to quit his job due to this. After a detailed discussion and assessment he was recommended therapy and medication. He reported improvement after first month of treatment. His treatment continued for six months and he reported to be completely free from his complaints.

A 26 year old girl reported complaints of episodes of excitement and strange fearful visions of horrible images. There were also complaints of bad smells and something crawling over her body. There was family history of schizophrenia. After detailed assessment she was put under therapy and medication. After eight months of she reported to be free from any such episodes.

A 19 year old boy was brought by parents with complaint of schizophrenia with delusions. He had thoughts of being under control of people through his computer and phone. He left his studies and was living in complete isolation. Detailed assessment was done and he was put under holistic management. He started to show response by 2nd month. Treatment continued for a year with complete recovery.

Husband and wife visited to consult regarding wife’s complaints. She had suspicion about his infidelity and restricted his movements. She confirmed that she never could find anything to prove this. She said she knows that something is going on. This affected their relationship badly. She started with therapy and medication. In three months she could get rid of her complaints.

A 39 year old male visited with complaints of excessive fear of devil after him. He saw people in neighborhood as agents of devil placed there to make sure he could do nothing. He spent his days in praying. Entire family was under stress. He was put under therapy and medication. He responded in 2nd month of treatment and in 6 months he got free of all fears.

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