Hypnotherapy for Schizophrenia


Many complaints of schizophrenia do not respond to medication. If there is no physical brain damage then schizophrenia can be successfully treated with clinical hypnotherapy. It works at the subconscious level. Hypnotherapy can have effect on thinking process, emotions and behavior. Schizophrenic covers several aspects of a person’s life. All these issue must be addressed.

Some of the common hypnotherapeutic methods such as hypnotic suggestions, psycho-strengthening imagery, projective restructuring, neutralization of affect have been used and found effective.

Once a detailed assessment is done, therapist will shortlist complaints and will then design therapy strategy. First part of it is goal setting. Sessions can be designed based on symptoms and condition. It could be frequent sessions or weekly depending on state and need.

Effect of hypnotherapy both as therapy itself and as complimentary therapy is helpful in acute and long term management.